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Welcome to the fantasy worlds of Nyki Blatchley


I'm Nyki Blatchley, fantasy author and poet.  I've been writing since I was four - my first "books" were stories about a horse called Stephen Trotter.  During childhood, I shared with my brother an invented world inhabited by animals - the chief  country was Catland.  In my teens, I began haphazardly creating a world that eventually came to be the backdrop for most of my stories, and an immortal character called the Traveller who wanders through it. 


I also wrote large amounts of poetry - quite a bit has been published here and there, and I've also performed it with my own musical backing in many venues in London and elsewhere.  During the 90s, my spiritual home was the legendary Bunjies Coffee House in London, once a haunt of
the likes of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and David Bowie.


Since the late 90s, I've concentrated more on fiction, writing numerous short stories and novels.  Many have been about the Traveller, or else about other characters in his world, and so far about forty stories have been published in a variety of magazines, webzines and anthologies.  My novel At An Uncertain Hour was published in 2009 by StoneGarden, and I've had several novellas published, including The Treason of Memory by Musa Publishing and The Triarchy's Emissary by Fox & Raven.  I'm now nearing the end of my trilogy The Winter Legend - which I started in 1969.


Among all this, I found time to graduate from the University of Keele in English and Greek Studies, and work in various jobs, from bookseller to artist's model, though much of my career has been in social care.  I currently live just outside London and work as a freelance copywriter.  Interests include (in no particular order) reading, folk music, history (any period, but especially classical Greece and medieval Europe), Doctor Who, cricket (as a viewer only), rock music, historical re-enactment, astronomy, and acquiring general knowledge.