My name is Eltava.  I was born in the port-city of Gar’rash to a well-off merchant family, though they had a far from usual background.  My grandparents, Rivil and Jikralt, were from the far-off land of the Kal’shak people, from whom I get my ochre complexion and my slanted features.  They were both slaves from early childhood, until a wonderful immortal man called the Traveller rescued them.  They sailed the oceans with him for many years till they settled at last in Gar’rash, and he visited them often.   

I’ve known him for as long as I remember – some of my earliest memories are of playing with him.  I always loved him, in whatever fashion I comprehended at the time, but when I grew old enough to understand what I really wanted, we became lovers in reality, and I left to travel the world with him.

All my adult life, the Traveller’s enchanted ship Searcher has been my home, even when I’ve spent time away.  Although we love one another passionately and fiercely, sometimes we need time apart.  I need other lovers at times, and he understands this, but it’s sometimes simply that our desires don’t always mesh.  Though I’ve never known anyone more courageous, the Traveller would often prefer to trick his way out of difficulty without violence, using cunning or magic.  I’ve learnt some of the arts from him, but I’d sooner trust the strength of my arms and the iron of my blade.  One way or another, my adventures usually seem to end up in a fight.

The Traveller never ages, but I do.  Sometimes that worries me, as I see the man I looked up to become my equal, then become a young man.  Sometimes I wish that I could share his immortality – but not often.  I’m having far too much fun for regrets.