Hi there, I’m Failiu, but you can call me Fai.  I’m sixteen and a half.  I was born in Errish, which is supposed to be the greatest city in the world, but I didn’t really notice – I was too busy trying to survive on the streets and down in the passages of the Undercity.  I sort of remember my mum, but she died before I was five.  I think she was a whore, so the gods alone know who my dad was.


I got taken in by a gang, who used me to get into small places to steal.  That was fun, I suppose, and I got good at it.  That was probably why they still hadn’t started me as a whore when I was ten – most of the girls were, and some of the boys too.


That was when I got caught by an old man called Jareo, who took me to the temple where he was a priest.  I thought they were going to slit me open on the altar, but it wasn’t that kind of temple, and they made me an acolyte instead.  Jareo always looked after me – he was soooo lovely.  I was devastated when he died, but that was when I met Kari.


Kari – he’s just gorgeous, a year older than me and so brave and clever and handsome.  The first time he got into bed with me, I was a bit scared, but I just adored what he did.  And we studied magic together too, which was such fun, specially as we weren’t supposed to.


Well, that’s why we got thrown out, when they caught us.  Still, I wasn’t sorry.  At least we’re together.  Kari can be a bit headstrong sometimes, but then he is a boy.  I just love him so much, though, and we always have fun together, wandering from place to place and having Adventures.  I want it to go on for ever.