My name’s Karaghr, though I’m often known as Kari.  I was born in the village of Yiskid in the Kheoshe Valley, and spent most of my childhood thoroughly bored.  I mean, what is it with farmers?  I know food’s important – I’ve been without it enough times to know that – but really, can’t they talk about anything else?


The best thing that ever happened to me was when a man called Vagrao came through the village.  He was a priest of Taliqi from Errish and seemed really impressed with the education I’d managed to scratch together.  He got my parents to let him take me to Errish, the greatest city in the world.  Well, that was worth being an acolyte in a temple.


And that was where I met Failiu.  Fai’s just incredible – beautiful, clever, and she knows all about living on the streets.  We studied magic during the day when the priests weren’t looking, and we sneaked into each other’s beds at night. 


When we got found out, they threw us out of the temple.  It was their fault, really – if studying magic’s so evil, why did they have the books, even if they were locked up?  I mean, I’m seventeen and I can see that.  Aren’t they supposed to be wise?


So we’re Outlaws now, together against the world.  Wandering sorcerers, and our spells usually go right.  Everyone makes a few mistakes, don’t they?  Everyone’s going to hear of us, sooner or later – you wait.