Below you will find a list of some of my favourite web sites. Why not take a look at them?
Reading from a different angle
The best peer-critiquing forum for fantasy on the web
The John Dark books of B. L. Morgan
The website of author and poet Sarah Ashwood
Carol Green, Historical, Paranormal, Fantasy Author
The blog of Daniel Ausema, author and poet
The award winning bookshop based in Wood Green, North London
The Fascination Nation
The website of fantasy writer Fran Jacobs
Stories with Brynnicism
Author, Novelist, Photographer, Ecologist and more
The Pheriom A'lam Cycle, a work a Sean Patrick Giblin
A group for writers in East Hertfordshire and beyond
The website of the author of Lily of the Nile
Sci-Fi & Fantasy E-publishing
Fantasy book news, reviews and community for fans of modern fantasy
Making things up for a living...