At An Uncertain Hour


Reviewed by K. A. Severson on


The Traveller and the people he’s known are all very interesting and the way their stories interlock kept me turning pages until long past bedtime...Blatchley’s pacing is good and how he plays different time periods in the Traveller’s life as he tells his own story is great. 


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Reviewed by Joanne Hall on


This is an elegant novel, poetically written, with just the right mix of pathos and humour, and the Traveller’s ability to mock himself ensures it never spills over into mawkish sentiment...The supporting cast of characters are well-drawn, but the Traveller rightfully dominates the story.


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The Treason of Memory


Reviewed by Cyclamen on Long and Short Reviews


Blatchley has crafted an excellent story, one that any reader of fantasy would enjoy. I hope to discover more of his writings in the future.


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The Triarchy's Emissary


Reviewed on DaveBrendon's Fantasy & SciFi Weblog



All in all, ‘The Triarchy’s Emissary’ is a great snapshot tale, beautifully self-contained yet evocative of a larger world, and Epic Fantasy fans everywhere will enjoy it!



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