Return Switch
Hanuut's Stand
I See a Voice
Published in the anthology The Tale Trove
The Petrologic Engine
Published in Plasma Frequency November/December 2014
Finder's Fee
Published in the anthology Unburied Treasure
Published in The Colored Lens Spring 2014
The Lady of the House
Published in Plasma Frequency February/March 2014
Lari's People
Both published in the anthology Light of the Last Day
River God
Published in The Colored Lens Autumn 2013
A Deed Without a Name
Published in The Best of Penumbra Vol.1
Just Deserts
 Published in the anthology Trespass
The House of Dreams
Published in Lore November 2012
Published in Aoife's Kiss September 2012
Nemesis: The Case of the Headless Lady
Published in Wily Writers July 2012
    Published in Plasma Frequency August/September 2012
The Cell
Published in Bards & Sages Quarterly July 2012
 Nemesis: The Case of the Hell-Hound
Published in Penumbra June 2012
A Deed Without a Name
Published in Penumbra February 2012
The Eternal Sorceress
Published in Shelter of Daylight Summer 2011
The Great Queen
Published in OG's Speculative Fiction 31
Steal Away
Published in Golden Visions Summer 2011
Out of Print
The Golden Serpent
Published in IcarusSummer 2011
Published in Dark Valentine June 2011
The Sat-Nav of Doom
Published in Every Day Fiction
Now You See It
Published in Inmate Run Asylum November 2010
The Ice in Her Voice
Published in Aoife's Kiss July 2010
Published in Moon Drenched Fables June 2010
Out of Print
Rainy Season
Published in Golden Visions September 2009
Out of Print
The Queen of the Stars
Published in Moon Drenched Fables September 2009
Out of Print
Watery Grave

Published in Moon Drenched Fables March 2009

Out of Print


 The Singer and the Song

Published in Aoife's Kiss  Dec. 2008

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 Ancestral Voices

Published in nanobison Vol.3 Num.9

Read the story here


Change of Direction

 Published in Chimaera Serials 

Out of Print 


Children of Dorsaeg

Published in The Sword Review

Out of Print



 Published in Afterburn SF

Out of Print


Just Deserts 

 Published in Quantum Muse

 Read the story here


 Present Historic

 Published in Deep Magic

Out of Print


 The Tower of the Seven Stars 

 Published in Beyond the Rose Issue 1

Out of Print


 The Enchanting of the Lost Princess

 Published in Sci-Fright Issue 4

Out of Print


 A House Decayed

 Published in Strix 16

Out of Print


  Little Flower

 Published in Strix 15

Out of Print



 Published in Xenos 51

Out of Print



 Published in Xenos 47

Out of Print


  Sea Dreams

 Published in Xenos 39

Out of Print


  Face to Face

 Published in Xenos 36

Out of Print


  Safe As Houses

 Published in The Thirteenth Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories

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