Steal Away

by Nyki Blatchley

Cover art & design by Shannon LC Cate

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Kari and Fai, teenaged lovers and sorcerers, have a problem. They're penniless, but they've hit on a plan to solve their financial difficulties. The Traveller, a foreigner who's turned up to lead the city's rebellion against the evil Demon Queen, must surely be loaded down with treasure. All they want to do is relieve him of a small amount.


The Traveller has several problems, struggling with intransigent allies and assassination attempts by his enemies. The last thing he wants to deal with is a pair of incompetent thieves, but this long night in the ancient city of Errish, perhaps their problems aren't so very different.


Steal Away was first published by the late, lamented magazine Golden Visions, and appears here in a slightly revised version.


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The Temple of Taak-Resh

by Nyki Blatchley

Cover by Jesus Garcia Lopez

Published by Darwin's Evolutions

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Karaghr and Failiu are a couple of homeless adolescents - or, as they prefer to think of themselves, outcast wandering sorcerers, together against the world. Arriving in the city of Hannor with no money, no prospects and only a smattering of the local language, they target the Temple of Taak-Resh, said to take in talented sorcerers.


The problem is that Kari and Fai have chosen the worst possible day to present themselves at the temple. Before they know what's happening, the two teenagers find themselves caught up in the affairs of Hannor, with nothing but their imperfect magical skills between them and disaster.


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